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Any news?

Posted by planetm on 2009.05.30 at 18:57
It's been well over 12 months since Shelley posted any updates to ineradicablestain.com concerning Skin (and the previous update was over 12 months before that).

Has anybody heard how things are going?
Has anybody received their story in recent months?

Waiting is a virtue for all us words, but I'd really like to receive my story one day! It's nice to know that progress is happening, however slowly (skin grows)...

I am "to"

Posted by a_joyous_life on 2009.02.13 at 10:10
In the beginning, the thing that drew me to Karlita was the word "are" tattooed just above her ankle. Our first conversation was my asking her the significance of such an unusual tat. Karlita explained Shelley Jackson's Ineradicable Stain, "Skin" project. A year and a half ago I sent Shelley Jackson a request to be a word, and relayed to her the story of how her project led to Karlita's and my beautiful relationship. Finally, I was just honored by being selected to have a word. I am "to."

Hopefully I will have the tattoo done in the next month or so. Photos to follow...


I got my word!

Posted by nein09 on 2009.02.12 at 21:51
Hi! I'm


Nice to meet you all again. I have no idea where I'm going to put the tattoo, but it's going to be small.


Half Life.

Posted by delete_the_star on 2008.08.06 at 08:21
Hi fellow words! Just wondering if any of you have read Shelley's book, Half Life? I'm only about halfway through, but it is fantastic! If you haven't, read it! I've been staying up way too late every night just devouring it. This is actually the first piece of hers that I've read, I'm so excited to get the story now!

I'm 'on', by the way. Nice to meet you!

loser bag


Posted by losersaidwhat on 2008.06.09 at 22:45
Current Mood: nervousnervous
I just re-submitted an "application" to Shelley, asking to be a part of the project. I sent one in in 2005 when I first heard of it, but didn't really hear anything back aside from being told my email was received, but I'm definitely still interested so regardless of the extremely slim chances of being accepted, I'm trying again.

I am SO. Nervous.

Are there any re-applicants in here that have been accepted?


Posted by rosewater on 2008.06.06 at 23:43
I got my word late, when Shelley gave a talk at my school and I sent her a paper I'd given on "Skin," but I've also been really remiss in getting the ink. Since I sent back my release I've totally dropped out of grad school, gotten and left a bad job, and gotten a good job (that I'll be leaving in a year or so when I move), so I suppose my word is appropriate so far. There's no excuse for why I sat on it this long, but I can finally say, rather confusingly, "I'm away,."

Pictures below.Collapse )


Scroll in the mail

Posted by ginger_ann on 2008.06.05 at 19:26
I finally got my story today!  I've never been so happy to get a package in the mail =)

4 years after applying, 2 years after getting the tattoo, 6 months since I finally sent in the paperwork.  My journey is complete and my word is still as wonderful as ever. 

It's an old/bad photo, but it'll do:


need a drink
Posted by curlyhare1 on 2008.03.27 at 15:34
Someone (another word) emailed me today to let me know that there was a Missed Connection about me on Craigslist. The MC identified me by my tattoo.

Just thought it was pretty cool. And if you are the person that emailed me to know about the MC, thanks!


Dumb, I know.

Posted by flickel on 2008.03.18 at 22:49
Ok, I've been looking and looking, and I KNOW there was a post/entry here somewhere about what to do if I lose the documentation... I honest to God can't find it and I'd really love to send it all in to Shelley before I start forgetting some of the important details.

If anyone could help me, I'd really appreciate it!

Oh, and anyone going to the Nexus conference next Friday?

An update from Shelley Jackson...

Posted by planetm on 2008.03.11 at 21:35
See the 'Letters to Words' page of ineradicablestain.com at http://ineradicablestain.com/skin-letters.html

The new update states:

My friends,

You may have been wondering where I was. The answer is, right here, where I have been mailing out batches of stories whenever I find a free moment in my teaching schedule. I'm about halfway through. Like I said, it's a slow process--I remind you again to confirm your current address, to speed things up. Even if your address hasn't changed, it helps me to know you are still where you're supposed to be!
I am also, very slowly, adding new participants.
In other news, it is still winter. Why?

Your Author.

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