Is anyone still here?

Someone asked me about my tattoo today and realized that I have absolutely no way of connecting with this project now that LJ is dead and Shelley's website is long outdated. I'd love to connect with everyone, but have absolutely no idea how to do so these days. Feel free to email me! curlyhare1@gmail.com

Tried to crate a facebook group, but it turns you you can't unless you add at least one friend. Ha.

Any news? Anything at all??

It's somewhere over 8 years since I sent my word photographs to Shelley Jackson and I'm yet to receive the story. I know she received them as my word is visible on the images she drew which form the title banner of this community. It seems that we haven't heard anything for the past couple of years about the project. Has anybody got any idea what is happening with it now?

I feel like we've been abandoned by our author. I did mail her at some point in the intervening years but never heard back. I'm still excited to receive the story but I'm starting to lose hope. Are others still waiting too?
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Long time!

I just wanted to make sure you've all received Shelley's email tonight:

Dear words,

So a while back I had an idea: to give a collective reading of the skin
project, each participant saying his or her word in real time around the
world-- a reading audible only in pieces, just as the story is legible only
in pieces. Of course I quickly realized that it would be very hard, maybe
impossible, to organize this. Someday I may try to do it anyway. But
meanwhile I have had a simpler idea, which is to piece together a reading
from videos of some of my participants saying their words. Not, of course,
of the real story, which is not for public consumption, but of another
story--or poem or maybe even gibberish--made out of (some of) the same

The Berkeley Art Museum would like to host this video on their Internet Art
Portal as part of an online exhibition of Skin. It opens March 1, so we have
only a short time to put it together. If you want your word to be part of
it, and I hope you do, please follow these simple steps:

1. Video-record yourself saying your word aloud. It's OK if you also include
a few extra words like "this is my word, 'the'", so long as the word itself
is clearly audible. The video should show your tattoo, as well. I'll leave
it up to you whether to zoom in on the word or include more of yourself in
the picture.

2. Upload your video to your own (or a friend's) YouTube account and--this
is important--tag it: "skinproject" -- all one word, no spaces.

In a week, I will do a search for that tag, find all the words, and assemble
them into some sort of order. I'll try to find a way to fit them all in
somehow, though I can't promise that I'll succeed. I'll pass my text on to
the museum guys, who will then edit the clips together in the specified
order. On March 1 it will go up on the museum website. (Once the show is
over I'll post it here, so it will live on.)

Please upload your reading by midnight, Valentines Day, Feb. 14, to give me
time to put all the pieces together!

Your author,


ps you will shortly receive an invitation to join a google group for the
Skin Project. I don't know what we'll discuss, if anything, but I would like
to carve out a space for you all to be in touch with one another if you
wish. (Note, I'm currently only inviting participants who have already
gotten their tattoos.)

pps I have now sent stories to almost everyone who has updated/confirmed
their address on my website. If you haven't gotten your story yet, please go
there to confirm that I have your current contact information, and I will
send it out! http://www.ineradicablestain.com/skin-address.html
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I feel like we've been abandoned. Has anyone heard from Shelley lately? The last update on the words site is May of 2008, more than two years ago. I mailed my photos in around that time and I haven't seen a story yet. Anyone? I'd hate to think that we'd been abandoned. D:

Been awhile..

Hey folks, so I've got this predicament.

I'm sure Shelley is still working on the project. I am a lover of words, and I still want to be a part of it.. The problem is not in waiting for a response from SJ at this point but more trying to decide if it's the right decision for me..

See, my word is the letter 'a', lowercase, no punctuation. Just 'a'. For someone who is so enamored with the way words are put together, I guess it's.. a really disappointing selection. I understand the value of the letter 'a'. What a huge difference it would be without it. But I'm just not sure if I want to dedicate some of my flesh to be its permanent home.
So envious of those who got words like, 'preserve', or 'away,' or even 'and'.

Have others of you been similarly put off by your selection as a particular word? What did you do?