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From Shelley to Us:

I just received this unbelivably swift reply from Shelley today in regards to my email petitioning her to throw our little community a bone. Reminds me of how cool she is. Thank you guys for your patience. I believe this will help us clear some stuff up for now:

Here's the story: as everyone knows, my arm has been almost completely
out of commission. As soon as I sit down at the computer, it goes numb.
It has been slowly getting better, though, and I am anticipating jumping
back into my mail over the next month or so, as time permits. It's a
daunting prospect because I have, by today's count, 3683 messages in my
inbox, most of them about Skin! I only have about 400 spots left open in
the project (official count is 1750 or so), so I'm going to have to go
through those messages carefully to pick the last ones. Obviously I have
more than enough applicants now, but new ones are still welcome to write
me--what the hell! They'll just go into the pot with the rest.

Even once my arm is back, this will be a slow process. It's a full-time
job--and I already HAVE a full-time job! (Not to mention writing, eating,
sleeping, etc.) Also, I'm committed to doing it mindfully: I read each
email myself, try to answer questions individually, etc. Please picture
me as a solitary, monkish figure with a shriveled arm, trying to maintain
a correspondence with literally thousands of people. I'm planning to send
out an email to all my new applicants in the next few weeks. As for the
rest of the process, I can't say how long it will take, though the
semester will end in mid-May and I'll suddenly have a lot more time to
work on it then.

When I first launched this project, I thought it would take years, maybe
decades to finish. I never anticipated finding so many participants so
quickly, and it has taxed my resources, for sure. But DON'T WORRY! I
promise the project will be finished. I'll post future updates on my


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